Welcome to Memory Lane

Memory Lane is a retirement community in a home-like setting, geared toward Seniors suffering from the early to mid stages of Alzheimer Disease or Dementia.

Memory Lane offers these Seniors an exciting new alternative to the traditional Long Term Care (LTC) facility.


The Care Model


LTC facilities follow an institutional, medical-based care model in which nursing and security are of prime concern.

In Memory Lane, each resident receives a customized activity-based care plan designed to extend cognitive capacity, by exercising the areas of the mind that are still intact. This care model is based on "Gentlecare" which is a revolutionary approach to caring for people with Dementia.



Home-Like Setting


Dementia units in Long Term Care are designed in the vein of the traditional nursing home and are fundamentally unchanged from the rest of the facility. The furniture is provided by the facility and is usually quite institutional in appearance.

Memory Lane is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the cognitively impaired. The home-like setting maintains a comfortable and familiar way-of-life. All elements of our suites and common areas, from decor and lighting to fixtures and signage have been carefully selected in accordance with the philosophies of leading experts in designing for Alzheimer patients.

Free access to a secure outdoor area adds to the home-like atmosphere of Memory Lane. The resident and family are encouraged to furnish the suites with personal items to resemble the familiar home environment. Each room has a "Memory Box" to showcase photos, mementos and cherished items that reflect that particular resident's connecting with their family and their history.



In a Long Term Care facility, residents with Dementia may be included in activities planned for the general population, at scheduled times. If these residents are disruptive to the program, they are often restricted from participation.

In Memory Lane, activity-based care ensures that each resident is stimulated with activities that they respond to, according to their individual schedule. In addition to scheduled programs, various activity stations are scattered throughout the home, for use at any time. An activity station can be anything from a simple workshop to a gardening centre to a vintage library and can be customized to match the likes of the population of Memory Lane as it changes over time.

Our specially-trained staff encourage small group and one-on-one interactions at any time of day or night, whenever our residents' personal clocks dictate.

Click below to download our November 2021 Memory Lane Activity Calendar



The Memory Lane Difference


Our focus on caring for Seniors suffering from Alzheimer Disease or Dementia is what sets us apart.

> Studio, One & Two-bedroom suites

> Accommodation for couples

> Motion-activated night lights

> Hotel-style door locks

> Cueing and way finding using special colors, textures and signage

> Round-the-clock staff trained in Dementia Studies

> Activity program available 24 hours a day

> Stress-reducing "mood room"

> Home-cooked meals appropriate for retirement-age palettes

> Secure environment with outdoor access

> Emphasis on family involvement

> Spa room with therapeutic tub

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