Care Home Information


Our Commitment


The owners and staff of Queens Village for Seniors make the following commitments to all of our residents:


> Every resident is treated with consideration, respect and full recognition of his/her dignity and individuality.

> While living at Queens Village, all residents will be encouraged to voice any concerns and recommend changes in policies and services without any interference, coercion, discrimination or reprisal.

> All residents are free to pursue individual interests, meet with and participate in social, religious and community activities of their choice.

> All residents may associate and communicate privately with people of their choice and send/receive correspondence without interference.

> All residents may use their own personal possessions as safety and space permits.

> Residents will only be transferred or discharged from the home for medical reasons, for the welfare of other residents or for non-payment.

> Before moving into our home, each resident will be fully aware of our service package and the monthly costs thereof. At the same time, we make certain that all prospective residents (and their families) are fully informed of other services not covered under the basic rate and of our policy regarding rate increases.


Personal Safety & Emergency Systems


In addition to care services, Queens Village for Seniors also provides for the personal safety of residents and guests. Our fire safety system, policies and procedures abide by the Ontario Fire Code and have been approved by the London Fire Department.  The building is fully equipped with a safety sprinkler system. Smoke and/or heat detectors are provided in resident rooms and common areas. A Range Guard System is installed in the kitchen.  Also, the fire alarm is routinely inspected and fire drills are conducted regularly.

Our home is equipped with two elevators to ensure a smooth flow of traffic between floors for staff, residents and visitors. This also minimizes delays and discomfort during routine maintenance, service interruptions and emergency situations.

An emergency call system is provided to all of our retirement residents.  This system is interfaced with the resident’s telephone unit and the staff pager to give prompt notification of an emergency. In the event of a power failure, our back-up generator maintains operation of emergency lighting, communications and other essential services.




Our Director of Care, who is a registered nurse, is responsible for the care of the residents. We have round-the-clock staffing and nurses on call. We also have a visiting house physician and pharmacy services.


Rate Increases


Retirement and residential care homes fall under The Tenant Protection Act, 1997. To understand the accommodation portion of your rate, you should be aware of the following:


> The rent portion of your fee at this residential care home does not include charges for meals, care and services. The fees for meals, care and services are listed separately in this information package (see our price list).

> Each year the Ministry of Housing sets the guidelines for the maximum allowable rent increase. Your monthly rate for accommodation at Queens Village cannot be increased by more than the provincial guideline without going through a special process which involves giving the residents notice.

> Before increasing the accommodation portion on any unit, residents will be given at least 90 days of written notice. Increases generally occur annually.  We will also provide 90 days notice should there be any increase to the care service and meal portion of your fee.

> Before moving into Queens Village, you must sign a tenancy agreement. You have the right to cancel your tenancy agreement by informing the landlord, in writing, within five days of signing the agreement.


Care Service Deposit


Upon your arrival, Queens Village will require a deposit equivalent to 50% of the amount of your first month’s fee. This amount represents the care and service portion of your basic fee. Upon termination of your tenancy, this deposit will be refunded.


Government Regulation


Queens Village for Seniors is defined as a residential care home under the Tenant Protection Act. Individuals who live in such residential settings are protected by the rules as set forth in the Act. As a residential care home, we provide care services, meals and accommodations to our residents.


Committed to Satisfaction


At Queens Village for Seniors, the satisfaction of our residents and their families is extremely important to us.  If you have any concerns, complaints or praise, please contact our owners. We’d love to hear from you.


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